How To Start On UpWork With No Experience – Tips For 2024

Are you also one of those hundreds of freelancers who are on the lookout for starting their freelance journey on UpWork? Most beginners are seen asking questions about how to start on UpWork with no experience. 

Remember that your dedication is not enough for you to earn clients. The right method is what matters the most. From crafting your profile bio to sending specified proposals and then conversing with the clients, each step has its own value. 

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In this article, I will help you start your UpWork journey in the most effective way possible. Read this article thoroughly so you don’t miss out on any important tip.

Basic Tips On How To Start On UpWork With No Experience 

Starting a freelance journey is like going into a maze where you have to try different paths and ways. As this guide focuses on beginners, I will focus on the primary techniques along with a few advanced tips that will help you grab potential clients.

Select a Niche

If you have decided on what you are going to offer to your clients, skip this section. However, for beginners, it is mandatory to research the sub-niche within your niche so as to offer a more specific service. 

For example, if you want to delve into the world of writing, what specific field do you want to pursue? There is article writing, content writing, and copywriting, all three of which have their own sub-niches. So, do your research and start with the skills you can offer the best. 

Complete Your Profile

Completing and optimizing your profile is the next crucial step of your freelance journey. Just fill out all the necessary and optional (if possible) sections on your profile. Make sure that you explain your services to the clients.

The main things to focus on in your profile are your portfolio, previous work experience, and your skill set. You can also talk about your qualifications if they are relevant to your services. For instance, a content writer can talk about his Master’s degree in English literature.

Start Bidding

Being new on UpWork, your greatest hurdle in scoring high-paying jobs is your empty portfolio and review-less profile. The best way to deal with this is to bid on small jobs with minimum competition. 

While bidding, always write specified proposals for jobs focusing on how you can help the client with the project. Simply be solution-oriented. Offering solutions to the clients in your proposal can help boost your chances of gaining the client’s trust. 

Be Professional

Being professional means adhering to work ethics. Most beginner freelancers hesitate going for live zoom sessions and often give delayed or irrelevant responses. Get your self a decent camera and microphone and stay active during meeting sessions with your clients.

Another way of being professional is regularly updating your client on the project’s progress. It will reduce the client’s anxiety about the project and will also let you know if you are on the right path. Nourish your English speaking skills when dealing with clients.

Be Realistic

Don’t mention in your profile or proposal false statements like “I have four years of experience…” if you don’t have any. Your profile and conversation tell everything about you. So, be realistic and honest. If you don’t know how to deal with a task, let the client know.

Also, set realistic rates. Your profile rate should be neither too low nor too high. Most people think that offering work at negligible prices can help them score more jobs, but it’s not true. Charge for your skills, efforts, and time, and keep it in accordance with the market rate.

Strengthen Your Profile

This is the ultimate key to success on UpWork. Creating a strong profile means getting positive reviews from clients you work with. Don’t work with toxic clients who have a bad reputation for giving negative reviews to freelancers.

You may also request testimonials from clients outside UpWrk with whom you have worked sometime in the past. Just get their LinkedIn profile and email, and you can get a review on your UpWork profile. 

In the beginning, find ways to strengthen your profile to keep the money flowing in. Whether it is by requesting your previous clients for testimonials or by bring your clients from other platforms to UpWork, just get as much positive reviews as possible.

Conclusion: How To Start On UpWork With No Experience

I hope you have got the answer to “How to start on UpWork with no experience and have already started working. If I have to summarize this whole article into one word will be “solution-oriented”. Offer a solution to the client’s problem, and you will get the fish.

Though there is a lot of other stuff about getting long-term success on UpWork, this post is meant for beginners. You will get advanced UpWork success tips in future articles. Till then, keep working hard and stay blessed.

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