How To Get Approved In UpWork – Tips For 2024

Are you tired of being continuously rejected by UpWork? Do you also want to know how to get approved in UpWork in 2024? Whenever I hear this statement, I wonder how I got approved in UpWork without any assistance or guidance. 

how to get approved in upwork

So the truth is simple and that is “Follow the UpWork guidelines.” UpWork provides clear instructions for each step during the application process. It also offers suggestions such as using a work email instead of a Gmail account for the signup process.

However, before you read this article, you must know that UpWork is for the skilled ones. If you don’t have any particular skill or are thinking of learning one, you should delay the account creation process. For the rest of you, read it thoroughly to get approved on UpWork.

Why Your Profile Gets Rejected?

Nowadays, most of the profile requests are turned down by an automated algorithm devised by the UpWork team. According to the reports, almost 10,000 people sign up on UpWork on a daily basis, most of them looking for a source of earning without any particular skills.

UpWork performs both automated and manual screening of the applications. Now if your application gets rejected, it doesn’t mean you don’t have a skill. Even experienced people get rejected by UpWork due to their own mistakes. 

How To Get Approved In UpWork In 2024

Got rejected? It’s not the end of the road. With a few strategic tweaks in your application, you can easily get past the UpWork screening process. Below are some tips that will increase your chances of getting approved by UpWork.

Use work email

Work emails are those with a specified domain at the end instead of “”. UpWork prioritises account requests with work emails as they tend to be more authentic. However, it doesn’t mean that other emails won’t work at all. 

You may also use the Gmail address provided to you by your organisation. You may also get your work email by buying a domain from providers like Hostinger, GoDaddy, and Bluehost. However, if you can’t arrange a work email, go with a professional-looking Gmail address. 

Complete Profile Professionally

Completing a profile professionally shows that you are truly committed to the platform. While this may sound good to some, not everyone knows exactly what “complete profile professionally” means. So, here are a few tips that may help you with this step. 

  • Select a main niche and as many sub-niches as possible.
  • Enter your real name as written on your National Identity Card.
  • Add a clear, front-view, professional-looking picture of yours (no selfies please).
  • Set a perfect headline for your profile that showcases your skills and services.
  • Set realistic rates for your services(don’t set low rates like 3$ per hour).
  • Give your brief introduction relevant to your services in the “profile overview”.
  • Add previous employment and educational qualifications.
  • Link additional accounts like Facebook, Twitter, GitHub, etc.
  • Add certifications and licences if any (do not fake anything).
  • Make a professional video of yourself if possible and add it to your profile.
  • Never select the “beginner” level as UpWork is not for beginners.
  • Add relevant information wherever required to complete your profile 100%.

Showcase Your Experience/Skills

To get approved on UpWork, you need to tell them that you really possess the skill to offer a service. While completing your profile, make sure you give all the relevant information that highlights your expertise and skills.

For instance, you may talk about your previous projects in the employment section or about your qualifications in the education section. You also have the option to get endorsements from past clients who are not active on UpWork (they must have a LinkedIn profile). 

Conclusion: How To Get Approved In UpWork

This is all about how to get approved in UpWork in 2024. If you have the right skills, experience, and a know-how of English language, account creation isn’t a big deal. Just keep following the instructions you get at each step, and you will get your account approved.

Remember not to approach people who offer “UpWork Account Approval” services as they use some tricks to get you approved. This leads to problems later in your freelance journey. Violating UpWork’s policy may result in account termination at any time without any notice!

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