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Hello, 👋🏻 This is Foysal Ahmed, who has worked on digital marketing for the last 5 years. In this article, I will tell you my expertise and the field I have worked in, so stay tuned. ☺️

In this rat race world, nothing is easy to achieve. When I finished my SSC exam in 2014, my mother gave me a laptop. I bought a laptop because of my interest and passion. I was techy from childhood. I played with different tech devices from the beginning of my life.

Around 8 years ago, there was a resource shortage in the online world. In Bangladesh, the marketing field grew slowly. There were courses but from many online Gurus and Babas. 😁 They take money, but the value of the money is ZERO!

At the time, one of my cousins was working on Upwork. If I’m right, the niche was blog commenting. My journey started with I created my account on 22 July 2020 and landed my first order after two months.

While working on Fiverr, I’m exploring to improve my freelancing career. After struggling for some months, I was getting small jobs. The benefit of Upwork is that you will get long-term clients with a good work history.

I’ve been working on projects on Upwork for the last 2-3 years. One recent bill was $20,200. You can try Upwork today for your freelancing career!

Let’s dive into my personal life. I’m a professional badminton player, and it’s my hobby. It also helps me maintain my mental health and body. Besides freelancing, I run a full event management business in our country. I love to travel, hang out with my friends, spend leisure time with my family, and enjoy different cultures’ food.

Freelancing is the dream of every person nowadays. Honestly, it’s my passion. I love to work 24 hours a day if I have urgent work. There was a record of 3 days without any long break. My main expertise is SEO and WordPress development, but I explore new niches daily.

My A++ Expertise is in SEO, Web Development, and affiliate marketing. I am still learning machine learning, big data analytics, full-stack development, paid ads, branding, and cyber security.

Machine learning, data analytics, and cybersecurity are futuristic niches. You have to follow the trend and analyse the market. You must also consider artificial intelligence (AI), which will threaten freelancers in the future.

PS: Don’t fear! Use AI for your daily work. It might be your best friend and work partner.

I have always dreamed big since childhood. I have researched, listened to many podcasts, and seen many YouTube videos on converting my freelancing career into business. In our country, Khalid Farhan provides the best content in the possible way.

I have gotten many ideas from him. He has 2-3 agencies now. Our agency’s curiosity grows from his YT channel.

I believe in action. I don’t like thinking too much and doing nothing. 🥹

Web Emperors—Our dream agency is here today with over 50+ projects done and earning $30K+ on Upwork. In our recent team meeting, we decided to get some clients organically through our website/blog, LinkedIn, and other socials.

So, we have created a roadmap for our new strategy, and our team is working on it. Behind every success, there was discipline, consistency, and hard work. We are in the same phase, but I believe in innovation rather than hard work.

These are some rules that help me daily.

  1. 80/20 Rule
  2. Eat the frog
  3. 2 Minutes rule
  4. Instant Action
  5. Journalism
  6. 3 task rule!
  7. 365-day planner.

Feel free to share this article with your network to inspire others. Your engagement is important—comment below with your thoughts or any actions you plan to take. Let’s make a positive impact together! 👏🏻

Foysal Ahmed

Foysal Ahmed

Upwork Top Rated Plus Seller

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